SFP Vision

SFP has a suite of productivity applications for our customers to choose based on their needs. The applications are built based on sound accounting principles with proper reconciliation and internal controls. They encapsulate repetitive accounting logic and workflows to focus on process management. They act as a personal taxi service or bridges to fulfill process and data gaps in your ERP. They deliver end results required for your business needs and minimize the use of unmanaged spreadsheets.

SFP provides services beyond productivity tools. While we are implementing a productivity application, we examine customer operational processes that initiate different accounting transactions and address process efficiency from the starting point. SFP believes if we assist our customers to be effective and accurate on their operational processes, they are happier in using our applications. The following diagram shows examples of productivity tools in use or planned to be developed within the SFP productivity cloud. With the productivity tools, SFP customers can now perform their monthly bank reconciliation and create financial reports accurately within minutes, not days. The productivity tools automate the analysis processes of an expert using a rule based developed approach that dissects financial data and transactions for different business scenarios and potential solutions.