SFP Service Benefits

SFP treats customer financial responsibilities as if they were of our own with confidentiality. While we believe the quality foundation starts with the care of ongoing accounting work via the SFP productivity automation, we go beyond to provide financial advice that assists customers to plan, anticipate, and grow.

Key benefits that SFP can provide to our customers include:
  • Provide strategic advises on key financial directions and decisions.
  • Provide alerts on key financial trends or risks.
  • Access to an experienced knowledge base within a confidential and caring environment.
  • Think through possible scenario to determine criteria and apply actions following best accounting standards. Do our work right at the first time to minimize costly consequences and time spent on applying corrections.
  • Enable customer staff to focus time away from redundant and repeatable tasks to higher priority and more productive work.
  • Increase the accuracy of data and reports made possible by built-in validation procedures.
  • Timely availability of reporting that uses the speed and accuracy of technology to produce high quality reports.
  • Access to strong internal controls by providing reconciliations and separation of duties at key points within business processes.
  • Flexibility to choose solutions and/or services at strategic periods of transition within the organization.