About Hinson Chan

Hinson has over thirty years of experience in accounting process management and business application development in the oil/gas, manufacturing, retail, airline and education industry. He has directed and consulted numerous computer application development projects in a wide variety of roles covering project management, information architecture, database administration, process engineering, data warehousing, business intelligence, programming and technical support.

Hinson has been a Certified Public Accountant licensed in Texas since 1994. He holds a B.S. degree in Management Information Systems and a M.S. degree in Accounting. He graduated Magna Cum Laude and earned multiple scholarships. He was an internal EDP auditor and application consultant for a major oil/gas company to examine computer applications for security, design internal controls for financial applications, and develop computer programs for complex business logic. He led the data warehouse team to consolidate financial and operational data for an international flooring company. Before he founded Mindsphere Technology Group in 2002, he also worked for a big four accounting firm on the business intelligent service line.

Hinson combines his accounting, auditing, reporting and computer technical knowledge to develop computer applications that automates accounting processes to encapsulate complex business logic while providing users with proper internal controls. He leads by examples, respect, quality, dedication, anticipation, and sharing visions on success.

Hinson founded Mindsphere Technology Group to provide consulting services in the accounting and application development area. He believes that customer services should be based on long-term delivery of values through expert automation of financial and accounting processes. Customers call upon Mindsphere when they face challenges with tight deadlines. Learning from the consulting experience, Mindsphere continuously increases its readiness by creating productivity applications that assist customers to bridge process gaps from ERP applications to the end outcomes of different business needs.