SFP Company History

SCHOOL FINANCE PRODUCTIVITY (SFP) is led by Paul D. King as the Executive Officer. Paul has served in the public education financial operations of public and non-profit entities in Texas since 1985, holding positions from Director of Finance to Assistant Superintendent for Business and Chief Financial Officer during his career. Most recently, he has served as an independent financial consultant to charter schools across Texas. Paul is well respected for his financial expertise within the Texas education industry. His in-depth knowledge enables him to assist customers to customize financial processes based on different customer goals while maintaining proper balances between internal controls and efficiencies. His unique abilities to foresee financial opportunities and risks faced by the customers separate him from other financial service providers focusing on routine accounting work.

After a number of years of planning, Paul formed SFP as a division of Mindsphere Technology Group (MSTG) in March 2014 in partnership with a long-term business colleague, Hinson Chan. Hinson has been a CPA since 1994. He has over thirty years of successful experience in the technology and financial industry. He formed MSTG in 2001 with the mission to improve the quality of the technology experience for customers through process, talent, technology and innovation. For the past 19 years, MSTG has been providing computer consulting services and has created finance productivity products for customers in the Texas K-12 Education industry. Hinson’s strong financial knowledge and dedication to providing the highest level of process efficiency and accuracy in software solutions made this partnership a natural fit.